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Luto Como Mãe

Rio de Janeiro is the scene of summary executions perpetrated by state agents. Each death drags the pain of those who stay, affecting all their social circle, especially family and friends. The documentary “Luto como mãe” focuses on the stories of these survivors, mostly women, and their mourning rite of passage to the struggle for justice and against invisibility.

Film that portrays the lives of thousands of Latin immigrants who leave their countries every year to try to live through music. To achieve the dream success, they will have to go through all the difficulties of being in a country other than their own.

Foreign Sounds

Women of Earth

Mulheres da Terra [Women of Earth] is a project that aims to increase the visibility of the stories of women who play important social roles in their communities. Their names are many: midwives, faith healers, herbalists, shamans and community leaders. Here, we honor their stories.