My Neighborhood - Season 1

Minha Rua (My Neighborhood) is a documentary series in thirteen episodes, which depicts the relationship of sportsmen residents of suburbs and slums, with street. The series is presented by actor Leandro Firmino. In each episode, Leandro Firmino will appeal to athletes, who will try to teach him to practice different sports. Also during these meetings, he will know the history of each character and their emotional memories, valuing the logic of time in each place, and especially the relationship with neighbors and family.

In the second season of the series Minha Rua (My Neighborhood), the presenter Leandro Firmino is back on the streets of Brazil to meet more closely some personalities already recognized in the places where they live, for their work and charisma with everyone around, and thus to make their stories reach even further. Let’s meet some cultural, ecological and social work that has the street as their principal place of fulfillment.

My Neighborhood - Season 2


“Vegans” is a Jabuti Films project that consists in the production of a series of children’s animation in 2D technology for television and other converging media.

The series covers the history of Regiluar, better known as Lu, a young 13, “vegan” and politically active in protection of the animals rights. Veganism is a philosophy of life motivated by ethical convictions on the basis of animal rights philosophy that which seeks to avoid exploit or abuse of these, either in relation to food, entertainment, clothing or any other form of aggression to the nature, body and spirit of the animal.