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Life After War (Sob Tra├žantes)

Documentary series, aims to show the trajectory of people marked by situations of extreme violence, who struggle to build a better future through the culture of peace.

A culinary program in partnership with TVN Chile that breaks the cuisine of Latin America in a style that mixes documentary with fiction and is narrated and presented by the actor Felipe Braun.

Las Recetas Del Viejo Braun

“My Street” is a documentary series of three seasons, thirteen episodes each, that portrays the relation of residents of peripheries and favelas with the street. The series is presented by the actor Leandro Firmino. In each episode, Leandro Firmino meets outstanding personalities in their communities, who will try to teach him his skills. During these meetings, he will also learn about the history of each character and his affective memories, valuing the logic of time in each place and, above all, the relationship with neighbors and family.