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Web Series

Reimagine Rio

Documentary web series. Each film tells with special attention to subjects connected to 6 actions/institutions that work and form, through culture and sports: the school of audiovisual Cinema Nosso, Jongo musical group of Serrinha, Crescer e Viver circus, new talents of  Campinho Show and the sports training center Miratus. The films deal with personal achievements and cultural and sports projects in the peripheries as an effective alternative income generation and “social commodities”, linked to the idea of opportunities that promote “high performance.” Taking advantage of the period of the Olympic Games, the idea is to present through audiovisual some of the wealth of “Cariocas”, of a part of  Rio de Janeiro that many are unaware and which are real places of creativity, commitment and commitment. True life lessons.

Through music, many stories of social transformation and life. The Cultural Group Jongo da Serrinha is a social organization with nearly 50 years, created in Madureira district, north of the city of Rio de Janeiro, which promotes actions between culture, memory, social development, employment and income. 13 years ago it became officially an Association Nonprofit and has been working in partnership with the government, private and international institutions to promote Jongo as intangible heritage of southeast and its unfolding social products for human development.

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Gira & the circus of life

Crescer e Viver is a circus that combines art and social transformation in their arena. An organization that, in over ten years of uninterrupted activity, began his work with social circus and, after many jumps and somersaults of its founders, staff, stakeholders and partners, expanded its projects and activities, has become one of the most significant institutions of the Brazilian circus. Developing actions in the fields of training, production, dissemination and enjoyment of the circus arts, Crescer e Viver is now a project with operations in all links of the production circus chain, assuming a leading position in the aesthetic renewal and creative updating circus arts in Brazil.

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Organized by the theater group Nós do Morro, Campinho Show is a free activity encouraging the formation of community audience and launching new talents in different artistic forms such as music, dance, poetry and theater performances. The event takes place every Wednesday from 19h, in the Olympic Village Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro. Inspired by the pioneering “Show das Cinco” and then “Show das Sete,” which in the 90s provided an intense artistic and cultural events (theater skits, dance numbers, music and poetry) for children, youth and adult residents Vidigal and neighborhoods in the schoolhouse Almirante Tamandaré. It offers opportunity for new artists and professionals present themselves in the Vidigal community.

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Guti & the theater of dreams

Bad' & the birdieman

Badminton is a little known sport in Brazil, but in the community of Chacrinha, incredible stories of social inclusion, happen through this non-governmental entity, promoting social development through education and sports. Miratus was founded by Sebastião Dias de Oliveira, in 1998. Located at the west of of Rio de Janeiro, Chacrinha is a community of just over 5,000 inhabitants on the border of Tanque neighborhood districts (38,000 inhabitants) and Praça Seca (64,000 inhabitants).

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Cinema Nosso is a social and cultural institution for over 13 years working for the democratization of access and audiovisual production. It is now one of the largest popular schools in the sector in Latin America, conducting courses,  workshops, productions, film exhibitions, shows and festivals. Through the regular courses, around 3500 young people have been met, 106 courses taken, 158 workshops, over 173 short films produced, 2 feature films, 2 series for TV. The action began in 2001, from the casting process for the film “City of God” and is now focused on projects, events and research in audiovisual, digital culture, games and youth. Through audiovisual school, Cinema Nosso, in 2015, expanded its work, taking its social technology to Paraty, Paraíba and Mato Grosso.

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Magic movie motion