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Jabuti Filmes is a producing company of transmedia content specialized in working with socio-environmental theme. We have nine years of experience in the audiovisual market focusing on the production of films, TV series, animation, games, audiovisual events and consulting. Here you will know a little about us. If you are looking for a partnership, or looking for a partnership. You can also just know some of our productions. Welcome!


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Jabuti Filmes invests in the creative, human and social development, using audiovisual as a central element of generating multiple opportunities for personal and collective ascension for popular classes of young people are formed by the organization Cinema Nosso and absorbed in audiovisual productions of Jabuti Filmes.

Cinema Nosso is a social and cultural institution for over 13 years working for the democratization of access and audiovisual production. It is now one of the largest popular schools of the sector in Latin America, conducting courses, workshops, productions, film screenings, exhibitions and festivals. Through the regular courses, about 3500 young people have been met, 106 courses taken, 158 workshops, over 173 short films produced, 2 featured films, 2 series for TV, 6 editions of CineMundo Festival and two Training and Audiovisual Market Seminar and many participation in national and international festivals. In addition, we are also a Point of Culture of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, performing laboratories and film clubs.

The action began in 2001, from the casting process for the film “City of God” by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund and is now focused on projects, events and research in audiovisual, digital culture, games and youth.

Set in a XIXth century building in the heart of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, the Cinema Our mission is to expand the cultural universe and develop critical thinking of children and young people through audiovisual language.

Learn more about the Cinema Nosso:

www.cinemanosso.org.br | www.facebook.com/cinemanosso