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Jabuti films makes feature and short films, fiction or documentary that mainly focus on themes related to social and environmental issues. An example is the documentary series ReImagine Rio, in partnership with the American Rise Up & Care portraying the reality of leaders and stories of social projects of successes in Rio de Janeiro communities.


Series for TV and Web is a market that is increasingly consolidating in Brazil. Jabuti Films performs a series of projects from creation to edition. Jabuti Films produced two seasons of Minha Rua series that shows the story of characters who have in their daily lives a very special relationship with the street.

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Filme institucional Chevron por Jabuti Filme


Jabuti Films performs institutional films for your project, organization or company. Jabuti Films has in its portfolio, films produced for companies like Petrobras and Chevron. Please contact us for developing videos to promote your institution.


We provide audiovisual consulting for non-governmental institutions, government and companies in Latin America.

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