Who We Are?

In the market since 2003, we produce magic through films, series, games and interactive experiences. We tell stories of impact capable of changing the world, opening the frontiers for a sustainable future.

Environmental Responsibility

Economic Development + Environmental Preservation

Jabuti Studio + Rioterra

In the past two years, we have planted more than 1500 trees on family farms in the southeast of the Amazon Forest. We work in partnership with the Center for Social Studies Rioterra to keep
the forest standing, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Social Responsability

Development of critical thinking + Professionalization

Jabuti Studio + Cinema Nosso

We invest in the audiovisual and technological training of young black people, when they become professionals, they find space for working in the producer Jabuti. For 20 years, Cinema Nosso has been promoting the reflection of the audiovisual product and breaking stereotypes and mistaken symbolic values, especially in relation to adolescents and young people from the
lower classes.